Friday, September 18, 2009

Down and dirty

We love making our own soil! It all starts with composting our vegan food scraps and layering it with mulch and some of the good weeds and then we let it “cook” a bit and then we turn it several times and after that process we sift our finished product to get really vibrant, live soil! It all starts with the soil! With good soil our seeds start off in a wholesome environment and have a better chance of staying healthy to produce the best quality produce. Next week, planting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Flower Hour!

The flower trend for cocktails hasn’t hit Miami, but all sorts of blossoms are being muddled, infused into syrups and used as garnishes.

(You can read a little about it at

So we asked the team at the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach’s Dilido Beach Club to whip up something that features one of our many varieties of edible flowers. They concocted an intricate recipe of muddled cotton candy fruit from the farm, Hendrick’s gin, simple syrup with lavender, freshly squeezed lime and cucumber juices, a cinnamon/sugar rim and last but not least, a garnish of clitoria. If you’re not familiar with clitoria, it has the most vibrant violet hue, and like hibiscus, it comes with single or double petals. The lascivious name always garners a few snickers!

Cheers to Chef Jeff McInnis and the rest of the crew for their fine work.