Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Posada In Paradise

As we emerge from the vibrant holiday season,  we wanted to share beautiful smiles from our Mexican posada we held on Paradise Farms Organic. The sun set on our farm and the bees that usually buzz around the property were replaced by scampering children. A fresh buffet was piled with cool ceviche, guacamole, black beans, rice, tamales and other edibles that stuffed our bellies. Before eating, however, the whole group assembled to reenact the described journey of Mary and Joseph as they looked for shelter. This writer is not fluent (not even a little bit) in Spanish so observing this tradition was such a gift. And by the way, while I can give you an account of what I observed, this page is a great resource!

The group wound their way through the moonlit farm, candles in hand. They were split in half - one group "inside" and one "outside" where "outside" sang imploring entrance. They were denied entrance by those "inside" with a sung response. Eventually the "outside" group was allowed "inside" and everyone gathered to celebrate over our meal. Chef Caryl remarked on the comfortable silence that falls when everyone settles into dinner, sharing a meal together. This silence was quickly broken when the pinata was revealed and nearly all of the kids took a good whack at it. A tree may have been accidentally whacked at all, but he was a sturdy leafed fellow. Of course there was dancing! Of course there was tequila! But we can't reveal every secret of our Mexican posada!

South Florida is so culturally diverse and opportunities abound to experience others' traditions. Take those opportunities when they appear and share your own, you won't regret it.

Safe and Happy Holidays everyone! - Kelly