Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brunch in Paradise

Sundays bring about an air of nostalgia. Birds chirp and kids are heard playing in the streets. The newspaper is read and coffee is sipped leisurely. Time seems to slow down on a Sunday. As a day of rest where you gladly soak in that extra hour of sleep, it is no wonder that brunch on a Sunday is so fitting.

I just wanted to write a short blurb about how fantastic our most recent Brunch In Paradise was. The weather was perfect and it had that Sunday morning nostalgic essence where time slows down and you want the day to last forever.

An amazing group totaling about 75 guests came out. We even had a group of guests called 'The Villagers', who are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of historic sites in Miami. The farm was in full bloom and there were many flowers to taste and smell. Our crops were lush and burgeoning with life's energy. The warmth of the sun was like a gentle hug and the food, as always, was farm fresh and delicious! We wanted the food to last forever, too!

We eagerly await the next Brunch in Paradise! The pictures below are the from the Brunch.