Monday, December 16, 2013

This Is Why We Do Farmer's Markets.

There is something wonderful about being part of a larger Farmer's Market. Especially when the venue is the lush Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. When you're part of a bigger market, you meet other farmers, vendors, chefs, entrepreneurs, people working hard on a Saturday to get their produce and products in front of people - farm direct to YOU. This Saturday's market was our first with Fairchild and we'll be back every Saturday from 9AM - 2PM. The location is such a nice handshake - eat some farm fresh foods for breakfast, pop into Fairchild's Butterfly explosion to indulge in a snack for your eyeballs, then come back and start harvesting from the market! [lots of photos are on our Facebook page]

Scoop up some delicate microgreens like Paradise Farms Organics arugula. Those tiny little greens bite back, but in the best way. Pluck up some of our watermelon radish, edible flowers, buttery avocados and purple topped scallions for your afternoon guacamole snack.

Snatch up a mushroom and mozzarella empanada from The Empanada Lady (not pictured, that's the Empanada dude).

Say hello to Hani over at Hani's Mediterranean Organics. Not only is Hani named "Miami's Best Cheese" of 2013 in Miami New Times, but he's also our cheese guy!

You can even find the perfect dessert over at Sweet Armoire Cakes. All of this and more in the middle of a tropical masterpiece. Culture and the fruits of agriculture all in one spot.
There is also something really special about setting up your own Farmer's Market - well, farm stand, really - smack dab on the front lawn of your farm. It brings the neighbors by. It opens the farm up to the community. It's a great opportunity to ask Farmer Andy how he tames his beard.

In that blazing humid sun (it looked like it might rain today, didn't it?) we met a college student back in town for a few weeks (from Missouri, I think?). She laughed about how her sorority sisters were jealous that she was running off, bikini in hand. We met another neighbor who was excited to embark on a diet with her husband, after the holidays of course.

We met Nelson from down the road. Nelson does property management at Ocean Reef Club and he grabbed some of our goodies for his friend; a chef aboard a yacht that "travels all over." We met the twosome with their lips wrapped around their Robert Is Here smoothie straws. What a perfect Homestead Sunday - goof around with some emus at Robert Is Here, nab a shake, and sidle up to our farm stand. It's a nice little slice of what South Florida is all about. Note: we are no longer holding a farmer's market at our farm

Yeah, I know, I'm biased, but I wouldn't be here if I didn't love the place - and I know you will, too. Come see us either day - we'll be happy to load you up with organic goodness.

Bonus: If Chef Caryl is working the market you can ask her for advice on what to do with carambola and other delicious recipe tips. Maybe ask her about things to do in Mexico, too. If I'm there you'll probably be immortalized on our Facebook page!

Posted by: Kelly Samardak, resident photog and storyteller

Edit: We are no longer participating in the above farmer's markets, but we ARE at 2 new markets!

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